Handle PINTA |untreated oak

PINTA is an elegant wooden handle made of oak wood and left without treatment. Perfect for individual kitchen furniture or wardrobe doors. 

L 144x16mm H 35mm - c/c- 128mm-373228

L 208x16mm H 35mm - c/c - 192mm-373233

Untreated oak. 

Maintenance and care : 

*This product is made of natural wood. We recommend using a clean, soft, laundered cloth to clean the product. Avoid using detergents, as this may adversely affect the product. In direct sunlight, light wood may darken and dark wood may fade.

*The strength of wood products may vary slightly depending on which part of the trunk the material is taken from. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the strength when this type of product is mounted on an integrated fridge/freezer or dishwasher, as this means that the product may be subject to strong forces.


-Colour may vary slightly from the picture due to your computer settings, monitor resolution, lighting and other factors.

-For natural wood products, differences in colour or texture are normal and no claims are accepted. 

-If quantities are not available, delivery are in 1,5-2 weeks. 

-Design/Manufacture - VONSILD (Denmark)